Since 1935 land search and rescue [SAR] in New Zealand has been undertaken as a partnership between the Police and trained volunteers. These people come from tramping, mountain or deerstalkers clubs, or individuals with a desire to provide aid to those in need in the outdoors. In 1994 NZLSAR was formed to enhance the relationship between the Police with its responsibility for SAR, and the volunteers.

Currently there are over 56 dedicated SAR groups across the country.

Who are we?

Auckland Land Search and Rescue [Auckland LandSAR] is a professional unpaid volunteer based organisation that provides a land search and rescue capability for the wider Auckland area, which stretches from Wellsford in the north to Pokeno in the south. Auckland LandSAR is a member of the national organisation, New Zealand Land Search and Rescue Inc. [NZLandSAR].

Auckland LandSAR works in conjunction with the Auckland Police SAR Squad to provide additional personnel and resources when people are lost or injured in the bush, hills, or across Auckland city . We provide a complete Land Search and Rescue service from search parties with SAR specialist skills in the field to Field Headquarters staff for running the search.

Volunteer members are expected to join the group with good tramping and bushcraft skills, outdoor knowledge and experience, and a commitment and ability to be available 24/7 for Search and Rescue operations.

Once accepted into Auckland LandSAR, new members are trained in SAR specific skills such as modern search techniques, outdoor first aid and tracking. This, together with regular revision and practice, ensures that effective trained people who have a strong commitment to LandSAR are put into the field on operations.

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